Glass House Mountains
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Do you want a virtual tour of the Glass House Mountains? 

Hi, my name is Phil, I'd love to show you the stunning beauty and very accessible area that I call home. 

Mount Ngungun peak, with Mount Coonowrin and Mount Beerwah in the background.Want this view? It's only a short uphill walk, and yes you can take the kids, just keep an eye on them near the top as you will be close to the cliff edge.

Where Are These Mountains ?
Map Below

You will find them in Queensland, Australia, about an hours drive north of Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, in the beautiful Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

They stretch from Beerburrum in the south, north to Mooloolah, west to Peachester and Mount Mellum and east to the Bruce Highway.

It also takes in the towns of Beerwah, Landsborough and Glass House Mountains township.

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Mount Beerwah - Cloudy Day

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Glass House Mountains Video

What Is This Website About ?

To provide a place where you can get all the information you want about this fantastic but underrated piece of Queensland from a local of over 20 years.

Whether you are a local or a visitor I hope you find what you want.

For the stuff I don't cover I will do my best to link to other sites that can provide what you want.


Glass House Mountain Names

For all of the names of the mountains, click here

Volcanic Plugs

Our Mountains are a series of volcanic plugs.

The volcanoes were active some 25 million years ago.

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Volcanic Plug El Capitan USA

Heritage Listing

The G H Mountains National Landscape was included in the National Heritage List on 3 August 2006.

Click here to link to the federal government website with details of National Heritage list of places.

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