Ban Climbing The Glass House Mountains

Should we ban climbing the Glass House Mountains ?

Should we fine people $10 000 who ignore the warning signs?

Should we expect the SES to save people from their own stupidity?

Should we just leave people to make their own decisions about what they are capable of and trained for and except that the occasional "idiot" will comes along and costs a lot of money and risks other people's lives who volunteer to save them?

Should we just leave them up there?

Will You Be The Next To Fall ?

Will You Be Next ?

I have added this page after reading the arguments that always come up after we have yet another rescue from the Glass House Mountains.

In our local paper "The Glasshouse Country News" volume 27 - 25, October 31 2012 had a story about the third rescue in 8 days.

I guess that people from outside the local area wouldn't appreciate the amount of "climbers" that need rescuing every year. In fact many locals wouldn't have known either.

I use the term "climbers" very loosely as I know of a lot of what I will call "real, safe climbers" who see some of the people who get stuck up on a mountain in the dark or when it is wet, or in thongs (footwear not underwear), or drunk or all of these combined who do not like the media using the word climbers as it links the two groups together.

I will share my opinion soon, when I have time to really think about it and write it all down but I would like to hear from others about what we should do.

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