Landsborough Wetlands

The Landsborough Wetlands or Maddock Wetlands is a couple of km's from Landsborough, opposite the Big Kart Track, on Steve Irwin Way / Glass House Mountains Road.

It is a bit of a hidden treasure and I have to admit, I knew it was there but I hadn't really had a good look around until the other day.

If you visit you will find a good sized carpark, a series of walking tracks that will take you to the waters edge or lookout (apparently there is a bird hide but I couldn't find it).

From my understanding the council made this artificial wetlands as an experiment with different ways to help treat water entering the dam. You can see a series of shallow ponds.

If anyone can enlighten me of how this system works, please get in contact.

Ewen Maddock Dam

Not a bad view over the Ewen Maddock Dam

A bridge on the walkway, Ewen Maddock Dam

Plenty of places to have a rest but not all shaded

There are a few walking tracks to have a look around.

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