Mount Ngungun

Mount Ngungun, or as many people call it Mount Ngun Ngun, looks are a bit deceptive.

From the north and the west (Old Gympie Road and Sahara Road) looks like a small gentle hill, but from the south (Fullertons Road and Coonowrin Road) you can see the sheer cliffs.

These are so appealing to many abseilers and rock climbers, especially for beginners who might train on the Kangaroo Point cliffs in Brisbane and then head up to the Glass House Mountains for some more challenging and better variety of rock formations.

The Walk / Climb

Mount Ngun Ngun is currently my favourite climb, mostly because it is my most recent and I find for a person with a small fear of heights it is enough of a challenge to get that buzz of excitement without putting myself in much danger.

The track starts from about 137 Fullertons Road in a gentle bush walk, then it starts to wind up a slightly steeper grade until you reach the steep scrambling track.

I have seen some people reach the top in 15 minutes or so but my pace and stopping to have a sip or two of water take a bit over half an hour, maybe 40 minutes stopping to take a few photos.

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Mt Ngungun From Sahara Road

The view from Sahara Road

Mt Ngungun From New Estate

The view from the new housing estate (don't know name)

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