Glasshouse Aboriginal Legend

Now I have heard a few different versions of the Glasshouse aboriginal legend but the general story remains the same.

It makes me think that the theory that the erosion of all the softer ground from the volcanic cores by a giant tsunami, is a pretty realistic theory.

Of course others will say the rising of the waters was "Noah's Flood" from the bible.

Whatever your beliefs you have to agree they are pretty special.

The Legend

The story goes that Tibrogargan (the father) and Beerwah (the mother) lived in this area with their many children.

One day while looking out to sea, Tibrogargan saw the ocean start to rise.

As he warned his family to move to higher ground for safety, he called to his eldest son Coonowrin (Crookneck) to assist the pregnant Beerwah.

Now Coonowrin didn't know she was pregnant and figured she was big enough to take care of herself, so he ran off to save himself.

When Tibrogargan realised that Coonowrin had run off and left his mother to fend for herself he got a bit cranky and threw a club at him, breaking his neck which is still crocked (why he is also called Crookneck).

Well the family managed to survive the flooding and when they returned to the coastal plain, Tibrogargan refused to look at his son, Coonowrin and to this day still looks away from him towards the ocean.

Below is recording of the story by Maike Resorttv

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