Happy I found your site

by Ariane
(Shenzhen, China)

Me and the Chairman

Me and the Chairman

Hi Phil,

I'm an Aussie/German currently living in China where my husband is working. We are soon moving back to Queensland after over 20 years abroad. I am seriously considering living in the Glasshouse mountains area. I'm in my early forties and have lived all over this planet, but the view of the mountains and the whole sunshine coast hinterland is my idea of sublime. You are right btw, you are the ONLY one with a site with helpful information about amenities and things to do and see! So I wanted to say thanks. Keep it up!

My dream (I say mine, cause my husband is not convinced yet) is to have an acreage and become as self sufficient as possible, i.e. veggies, animals, eco living etc... We don't have any children and one concern is if we die of boredom no one will notice except the dog. What is the community like there and how do you connect with people, particularly when you don't have children to find your friends for you? ;-) I am a hobby body builder and a former interior designer, who majored in philosophy at QLD uni. My husband is an industrial engineer in the airline industry who's into photography.

A big attraction of the Glasshouse Mountains is the railway line to Brisbane. How realistic is a commute as one of us will have to have a real job?... and when I say one of us I obviously mean my husband, since I will be busy in the garden, milking things and doing other important tasks to reduce consumerism and our human footprint and stuff...

I think building up mountain biking infrastructure is a good idea. I think we also need a fitness center with weights. :-)

I will definitely get in touch again once we have purchased a property in the area.

Warm wishes,

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