Mount Beerwah

by Mic

Mount Beerwah

Mount Beerwah

I grew up on 140 acres bottom of Mt Beerwah and later worked for the forestry dept. looking after the mountains and would fire bomb the land around them once a year to control bush fires.

I, my brother, cousins and the dogs would camp on and under a big rock at the base of the mountain or a cave half way up. I wore bare feet as both Glasshouse and Beerburrum State Schools did not require footwear. In fact a cousin dared me to walk down Mt Beerwah without using my hands.

We would often go up the mountain at night. As scouts we would camp at base of mountains. We could ride trail bikes to all surrounding towns on bush tracks, fire brakes put through national parks for yearly burn offs. The old man would burn off the 140 acres once a year also. We've all seen the results of stopping this 40,000 year old practice. Back on track,first time I went up Mt. Beerwah was with my father and uncle at about 9 or 10 year old. Back then I was fearless,last time I went up I was about 30 something and I was scared shitless.

After years off the mountain it went from a walk to hanging on for dear life. I had become one of the people I would look down at as I walked past them. Who says why climbs or not.

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