Mount Ngungun "The Friendly Mountain"

by Ron
((77 years young))

The beginning of the Mount Ngungun walk

The beginning of the Mount Ngungun walk

The beginning of the Mount Ngungun walk
Mount Coonowrin and Mount Beerwah from the top

Last Saturday which was an extremely nice day, I walked up Mt Ngungun, the car park was packed, the gradient was very easy and the steps, even the ones made from small boulders, were very good and one did not have to lift body weight any more than you would on domestic steps, I compliment the builders.

The cave was a surprise but access was forbidden because of regeneration work.

When my head reached the crest I actually gasped out loud at the beautiful view of the valley below with its plantations and across to the Blackall Ranges.

But the height made me dizzy and sent me into what I think is Vertigo.

I sat for a while next to the abseilers, I asked a young lady draped in ropes if she was going over, "yes" she said and does it lots of times and loves it, I was too scared to even look over.

There must have been perhaps 25 or more on the top, young children running around, guys with youngsters on their shoulders, Lovely buxom young ladies proudly showing a lot of their top hamper, every one was enjoying.

A young teen age boy with his girl friend noticed me gripping the rocks tightly as I made my way to the higher rocks, he offered me his hand for support, I thought that was terrific, every one was so friendly.

A little later as I sat taking in the fantastic views of Crookneck, Beerwah, Tibrogargan, etc. an older male person came along side me and said "that's it, this is as far as I am going" I coached him into going the higher rocks, he was followed by his grey haired wife, I wish I could get my wife up there.

Another male person's wife gave me a muesli bar which I enjoyed as I walked down, I think this must be the best walk I have experienced.

Phil I will always think of your Mt Ngungun as "The Friendly Mountain"

Pleased to have met you also

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