Mount Tibrogargan

I don't know about you, but when I look at Mount Tibrogargan I can't help be impressed with its presence.

Being a local I have been guilty of driving past this impressive mountain many times when I used to work in Brisbane, without even noticing. You know how it is when you live near something that when you first saw it you had to stop the car to take photos, but years later it is just another part of your surroundings.

Mount Tibrogargin

Mount Tibrogargan

At 364 metres (1194 feet) tall it isn't really that tall, but as with most of the Glass House Mountains it rises from otherwise flat ground.

It is still taller that Ayres Rock (Uluru - the aboriginal / official name) at 348 metres (1141feet)

Tibrogargan is the father in the aboriginal legend and is about 200 metres (656 feet) shorter than Mount Beerwah, who is the mother. The remainder of the mountains are the many children, of which Coonowrin is the eldest.

Climbing and Walking Tibro

It is a very steep mountain which makes it very popular with rock climbers, with many challenging climbs.

Summit Walk / Scramble / Climb

There is a track you can walk/scramble if you are pretty good at steep rock and of course don't mind heights. A word of warning, many rescues over the years have happened from this mountain as some people think it is easier than it really is or they take the wrong decent.

Other Walks

You have a choice of two other walking tracks which, along with the summit track, leave from the car park.

The Trachyte Circuit, an easy 6 km (3.7 miles) walk which has many steps, it was built by the local conservation group, GMAN and should take a maximum of 3 hours if you walk real slow or stop to take lots of photos.

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Tibrogargan Circuit, an easy 3.3 km (2 miles) walk around the base of Mount Tibro, along this track you get some great views of Tibrogargan and of Mount Beerwah and Mount Coonowrin from the lookout.

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