My Favourite Glass House Mountains Drive

Come with me on my favourite Glass House Mountains drive,

We start in the Glasshouse Mountains but ends up outside this area on the Blackall Range at Mapleton.

This drive has quite a number of detours along the way and if you did each one this would probably take you a couple of days. If you didn't stop at all it would take less between 45 minutes to an hour.

Want to take great photos of the mountains from the lookout?

How about having a bite to eat at the Lookout Cafe?

Do you want to have a gentle stroll around a almost flat track?

Or you might think a walk up a mountain or two sounds like a good idea.

Do you feel like a beer or wine at the Mapleton Tavern after a busy day?

Start Point:

La Calaca Cafe


This is on the southern end of the Glass House Mountains or the end closest to Brisbane.

End Point:

Mapleton Tavern

My Favourite Drive Short Version

No Detours Or Stops

  • Start at La Calaca Cafe
  • Head along Beerburrum Road towards Caboolture for about 700 metres
  • Turn right into Beerburrum-Woodford Road
  • Continue along Beerburrum-Woodford Road for about 4km (3 min)
  • Turn right into Old Gympie Road
  • Continue along Old Gympie Road for about 18 km (20 min)
  • Turn left at the roundabout (Landsborough) on Maleny Street / Landsborough-Maleny Road towards Maleny
  • Continue along Landsborough-Maleny Road for about 10 km (10 min)
  • Turn right into Maleny-Montville Road
  • Continue along Maleny-Montville Road / Flaxton Drive for about 19 km (18 min)
  • Finish at Mapleton Tavern

From here you have 3 main choices :

  1. Head to Nambour along Nambour - Mapleton Road. Good drive, all sealed winding road, fun tight corners. Through Nambour and on to the Sunshine Coast etc.
  2. Head to Yandina via Cooloolabin Dam along Mapleton Forest Road and Cooloolabin Road. Love this one on the motorbike. A fair amount of unsealed (at least it was last time I was on it) but a very enjoyable drive if you don't mind getting the car dusty.
  3. Head to Kenilworth and Imbil along Obi Obi Road which is not suitable for Caravans. This would be my choice and a road I have been on many times over many years. It is steep with some unsealed sections but if you are sensible (unlike a few vehicles over the years) you will be fine.

Warning : Motorbikes and the occasional car use the uphill section of this road as a race track, this is where the two lanes are seperated from each other. Just stay cautious.

My Favourite Drive Long Version

Lots Of Stops And Detours

I was going to give detailed driving instructions for my favourite drive and then I realised that I Absolutely Hate following detailed driving instructions. So either google map it, enter these places into the sat nav or get your hands on a map of the area (free from the Info Centre at Glasshouse Mountains township)

From Beerburrum travel about 1 minute and turn right onto Beerburrum-Woodford Road

Detour option - just before you turn right you could (recommended) turn right to the base of Mt Beerburrum, about another minute and do the walk to the summit.

The Mount Beerburrum Track walk is only 700m one way and is really a concrete path but it is pretty steep.

Warning : Those with weak knees should give this one a miss, going up should be fine but down is very hard on worn out knees.

Directions Continued

Follow your map along Beerburrum-Woodford Road and Old Gympie Road and then Glass House-Woodford Road to the Glasshouse Mountains Lookout

Note : You will pass both the Pumpkin Patch and the Lookout Cafe, this is a great place to stop for a good cup of coffee, a snack or meal.

The lookout has good facilities, toilets, picnic tables, BBQ's and a short walking track.

The lookout itself is an old fire tower where you can take in the views and all of the info at the base of the tower (see photos on right)

Once you have finished with the Lookout head back down to Old Gympie Road and turn left (north).

Drive along this road for a further 5.4km

You will pass Banksfoot House on your right and the turnoff to Mount Beerwah on your left. (you will also see signs to the Australian Teamsters Hall Of Fame and campground - my advice, don't waste your time going in).

Turn right into Fullertons Road (be careful it is a bit of a blind crest and corner).

Just over 1km along Fullertons Road you will reach the carpark for Mount Ngungun. Allow yourself at least an hour or two if you would like to do the Mount Ngungun walk  you will be rewarded with some fantastic views of the local area and unique views of the other mountains, especially Mount Beerwah and Mount Coonowrin.

Mt Beerwah and Mt Coonowrin from the top of Mt Ngungun

After you have completed your walk of Mount Ngungun head back the way you came about 1km to Old Gympie Road and turn right (north again).

You will be following this road for about 6.5km until you reach Peachester Road. You will pass through very pretty rural scenery and if you look you will see many small crops such as pineapples, macadamias and maybe a lychee tree or two.

Detour option - If you feel like some shopping or something to eat, turn right at Peachester Road towards Beerwah.

Otherwise continue along Old Gympie Road for a further 6.5km until you reach the roundabout on the main street of Landsborough.

Detour option - Turn right at the roundabout into Landsborough.

Otherwise turn left at the roundabout towards Maleny.

Follow this road for 10.1km of steep uphill road. At about 5.6km (from the roundabout in Landsborough) you will see a area on the right to pull over with fantastic views of the coast. Don't worry if you miss it as there will be plenty more further along.

Detour option : Continue straight ahead to go to Maleny.

Otherwise turn right towards Montville and Mapleton.

Follow this road for a further 19.3km until you reach Mapleton.

At about 10.5km you will pass through Montville, which is definitely worth a stop and a look around.

Note : Keep a lookout for places to stop along this road for more fantastic views of the coast and farmland.

I can recommend the Mapleton Tavern as a top spot to sit and relax with a cool drink or meal and enjoy the views to the coast from their big verandahs.

That is the end of my favourite drive, go back up the page for my suggestions of where to drive from here or of course you can do your own thing.

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