Our purpose is  to eliminate all the countless  hours  you spend shopping  for your  groceries  and  household supplies, standing in line, fighting for car park, tired day at   work, your mobility is not quite like it  used  to be, or some days,  grocery shopping  just overwhelms  you!!


Now, you can spend your time doing the things you really enjoy most.

EASY AS  …..  1 …… 2 ……. 3 ……..

In just  minutes  you can place your grocery list order by  phone, email or we can conveniently pick up your shopping list  from your letter box or if you work locally, we can pick up from your work.

“We personally shop  for you, and have your shopping ….  delivered  free ……..  From the store …  to your door”!


Our Services:

Shopping  &  Delivery :$35 (flat rate per trolly load) + $10.00 extra per trolly.

Senior Discount $5.00

Mail/Parcel pick-up and Delivery :    From $10.00 to $40.00

(Cash Only on pick up and delivery)

Contact :       0400 286 606

Email : we-shop-4-you@outlook.com

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